Armani Code For Men Review

Number 4 on my TOP10 Best Selling Mens Colognes – Armani Code For Men by Armani

Top notes: Bergamot, Lemon

Heart notes: Star anise, Olive blossom, Guaiac wood

Base notes: Leather, Tobacco, Tonka bean

Launched: 2004

Perfumer: Antoine Lie, Clement Gavarry and Antoine Maisondieu

Ugly guy from the picture below: Chris Folz

This cologne is considered an oriental spicy cologne but for me there is just not enough spices to label it that way, it’s more powdery/vanilla kind of scent but still – mindblowing!

Perfect for an evening date in cold weather, I would also wear it to a party, a formal event and also Armani Code For Men would make an excellent office fragrance for sure, it does not really jump out but it’s still doing its job pretty well.

I had a boyfriend that wore this, and it made me want to eat him. Not in a gourmand way, just in a ‘god, you smell incredibly sexy’ way.
– a girl next door

This cologne can be worn by anybody but the person who fits perfectly to this one would be young, profesional type of man because this fragrance is definatelly classy, subtle and elegant.
It is sweet and almost has a warming effect not only on you but on the people around.

But there is one problem with Armani Code – it’s almost everywhere and on everyone. You can’t really feel yourself unique with this one due to its huge popularity but hey, thousands of women who love it can’t be wrong.

Armani Code Review

The Armani Code family also includes:

  • woody aromatic Armani Code Casino Limited Edition released in 2008 (lemon, bergamot, tonka bean)
  • citrus aromatic Armani Code Sport than came out in 2011 (lemon, mandarin , mint, ginger)
  • fresh and fruity Armani Code Summer (grapefruit, bergamot, rose, cedar, amber, musk) on the market since 2009
  • oriental woody Armani Code Ultimate (grapefruit, mandarin, star anise, cedar, vanilla) available from 2012

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