CK Be by Calvin Klein – Be Yourself

Fragrance Group: Floral Woody Musk

Top Notes: Bergamot, Mandarin, Juniper, Lavender, Peppermint

Heart Notes: Jasmine, Orchid, Freesia, Magnolia, Peach

Base Notes: Cedar, Amber, Musk, Sandal, Vanilla

Launched: 1996

Perfumer:: Ann Gottlieb

I got it really cheap from some online retailer with free delivery. Heard some good things about it, not tried it myself before. It was a gamble. I play poker sometimes. I suck at it. But this one was a winner.

It is fresh, aftershave and aftershower friendly, smells great on your freshly ironed shirt and when you look at yourself in the mirror, fixing your tie and trying to figure it out how it is possible there is always a fresh shirt waiting for you every morning…when you see your face in the mirror, you smile and you feel good and ready for the day.

It is Calvin Klein so you know what to expect. It’s just good.

It’s not challenging, it doesn’t make you think about top, heart and base notes. You don’t have time for this in the morning. You have to make yourself ready. Kids are messing around with cereals and milk in the kitchen, the best wife in the whole world wants to pee and you only have one bathroom (occupied by you right now and she is too shy to do it while you’re there and you can’t believe that after all those years together she still hesitates to urinate in front of you…).

Calvin Klein CK Be

I have to admit something. Sometimes when I finish with my nr 2 in a bathroom and flash the toilet and wash my hands..I use ck be to bring back freshness and clean the atmosphere. Maybe to kill a bunch of germs in the air, too.

CK Be is cheap, fresh and it works. And I like the bottle a lot. It’s good to have you in my bathroom, CK Be.

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