Creed Green Irish Tweed Review

Top Note: Lemon, Florentine iris, French verbena

Middle Note: Violet leaves

Base Note: Ambergris, Mysore sandalwood

Launched: 1985

Perfumer: Olivier Creed 6th

Ok, let’s talk some serious money here.

$165 for 30ml bottle
$275 for 75ml bottle
$330 for 120ml bottle

You may find it cheaper here but these above are RRP prices.
Is it worth it?
My answer is: YES. If you can afford it, please try it out, now!

If $165 is too much for you just stick with poor man’s GIT (no offense to Davidoff and Cool Water enthusiasts) but once you smell this Irish Tweed, you will sell your last shirt to afford this precious black bottle.

Besides, Clint Eastwood, Pierce Brosnan, P. Diddy, Russell Crowe, Robert Redford, Cary Grant, Richard Gere, George Clooney, Prince Charles AND Naomi Campbell, they all had been wearing Green Irish Tweed and seemed to be pretty happy with the result. This stuff has some real “Red Carpet Quality” not only because it costs more than average cologne. It is simply remarkable and well worth its price.

From Creed’s website:

As refreshing as a walk through the Irish countryside, Green Irish Tweed is one of the signature scents of the House of Creed. Rich, fresh, green, spicy, sporty, original and unforgettable.

Word of warning when buying online: Creed’s Green Irish Tweed is one of the most knocked-off mens cologne out there so if the price you’re going to pay for it seems too low or if in any other doubt – please investigate and make sure your retailer sells authentic fragrance.

creed green irish tweed

So what make this fragrance so special?
It is just brilliant without trying too hard. It is very simple and has fewer notes than most fragrances but it’s blended extremely well without being too pretentious and overpowering.

It smells of sweet grass to me. The more I wear it, the more I like it. It grows on me all day and into the evening so it’s ideal for any time of the day. Green Irish Tweed also fits anywhere from black tie and tuxedo to casual jeans and polo shirt so you don’t have to change your cologne after work on Friday night. Clean and fresh, very positive and uplifting.

Creed Green Irish Tweed is by far one of my favorite men’s cologne of all time.

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