Free Cologne Samples

I’m not going to give away any freebies here, I just don’t have any spares, sorry. But don’t leave, not just yet. In this section I will tell you how to get free samples with just a little afford.

Usually if you want to try a fragrance for free you have go to perfume store and spray some of it on your wrist and decide if you like it or not. That seems fine but in most cases you need more than one spray to decide if you want to spend 40-100 dollars on the whole bottle.

Sometimes when you buy colognes online the perfume store will send you a couple of samples of other fragrances but that would be some random selection and you don’t have much choice. We don’t like when other people decide for us. Another way is to buy colognes samples online from branded retailers or from ebay. They don’t cost much, usually you get what’s you’re paying for, everybody’s happy.

But you still have to spend money. So how can you put your hand on some genuine cologne vial samples for free?
Just ask for them.
As simple as that. What I always do is to go to my favorite fragrance’s website, I find the “contact us” section on the website (it’s usually placed at the bottom of the page in the footer), I find brand’s marketing team email address and I fire up a nice, polite email requesting some free samples. And trust me, it works. And the best part, the more expensive and niche the scents are – the better chance they will send you free samples.


Free Cologne Samples

No fancy tin but also no money involved – I’ve received very similar mens sample set from Penhaligons for free, no need to spend $30.00 on Amazon (unless you like this fancy metal box and speedy delivery :)


Like I said before, this strategy works best with smaller companies, artistic perfume houses without any (or just a little) marketing strategy that rely only on customer’s satisfaction and the word of mouth. Those small but powerful perfume houses make so called “niche perfumes”, scents you’re not suppose to smell on every second man at your work.

We all like Hugo Boss or Calvin but come on, I bet you’ve all been there, elevator situation, there’s 4 of you heading straight to the 11th floor and all of you wear pink shirts, flowery tie and the latest Hugo Boss fragrance. You look the same, you smell the same and you all pretend you’re not there, quite forgettable moment, isn’t?

Niche perfumes cost more, niche perfumes are not available at every drugstore on every corner but I’m not telling you to spend money on them, I’m just sharing this tip on how to get some samples for free. And if you like the sample (usually 1ml sample is enough to try new fragrance for a couple of days) you can just buy full bottle and enjoy being different from the office crowd.

OK! just tell me how to get some free samples!

What you have to do is to find a website that sells fragrances, go to “contacy us” section, fire up a nice email requesting some samples to try before you buy the whole bottle. Trust me, those samples cost them almost nothing but if you like the scent ( and in most cases you do) you are more than happy to make a purchase.
Here is the list of 22 email addresses/contact forms which you can use to get free samples from (it works!). I’ve also included an email template so all you have to do is to change the name.

Perfume HouseContact Details
Czech & Speake
Miller Harris
Santa Maria Novella
Aqua Di Parma
Serge Lutens
Bond No 9
Tom Ford
Jo Malone
Victor & Rolf
Thierry Mugler

And that’s how I usually get all my freebies, easy! And all you need to do is to email the right person.
All my emails look pretty much the same as the one below, just follow my steps and wait for the postman :)

From:your name []
Sent: 07 June 2013 22:26
To: By Request
Subject: Kind regards and a request


Would it be possible to get a couple of men’s samples from you, I know you probably get hundreds emails like this but I’m seriously considering buying a cologne for my better half and got a lot of positive feedback regarding your company from my friends in London. I hope I’m not asking for too much.


Your name

And that’s the response from customer service:

Dear Customer

Thank you for your email.

Please let me know which titles are needed and your address.

Best Regards


Name changed

E-commerce/Customer service assistant

Next day I emailed them again with my details:

From: your name []
Sent: 09 June 2013 13:25
To: By Request
Subject: Re: penhaligons

Thank You so much for your response,

I would love to try the following:


here goes the list of samples I requested


I just hope I’m not asking for too much and let me just say how much I love your shop at ….., can’t wait to visit it again!

My details:

My name


City, postcode

And next day:

Dear Customer

Thank you for your email.

I am posting you some samples as I do not have all of them available.

I hope this is ok.


Best Regards

Name changed

E-commerce/Customer service assistant

I’ve asked them for 4 samples, they didn’t have all of them but kindly replaced the missing one with their brand new release! Happy days ;)

I’m pretty sure you also can use this method to start sampling before buying. But if the need is here and now and there is no time to waste – you can always check out my TOP10 best selling colognes for men, read my reviews and blind-buy with confidence. Thousands of people can’t be wrong can they?

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