Hermes Terre d’Hermes Review

Number 6 on my TOP10 Best Selling Mens Colognes – Terre D’hermes by Hermes

Top Note: Grapefruit, Orange, Flint

Middle Note: Pepper, Pink Pepper, Geranium Leaves

Base Note: Cedar, Vetiver, Benzoin

Launched: 2006

Perfumer: Jean-Claude Ellena

Bottle Designer: Philippe Mouquet

Model: Clément Sibony

It’s not your regular citrus, sport or summer fragrance. There is so much more than that in this simple bottle. It’s much dirtier and darker, much more serious than any other citrus you’ve ever smelled.

TERRE in French is Earth and once you pass the opening orange/grapefruit note you can actually smell the rain, dirt, moss, and all those earthy aromas so different from anything else you’ve tried before. Like autumn in a bottle. Very unique, powerful but not overpowering at all. With its earthy notes this fragrance is mild and masculine at the same time, versatile and easy to wear.

Although it’s been advertised as masculine fragrance – this one can be worn easily by any woman. I think perfume makers should stop defining every fragrance as feminine or masculine and just let us wear anything that smells good to us. And Terre d’Hermes is a great scent, no matter if you’re male or female, try it. You will never go back.

terre-d-hermes review

Very good longevity (6+ hours on my skin) and it projects very well.
Not the cheapest but trust me, Terre d’Hermes is one of the absolute best male cologne ever created in this mid-to-high price range.

I have no interest in trying to reproduce nature. I want to transform it, create olfactory illusions. Perfume isn’t only about the scent of flowers.

– Jean-Claude Ellena

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