Spirit of the Glen. Each scent tells a story

D.S. & Durga, Brooklyn based perfume house in collaboration with The Glenlivet malt distillery in Scotland created what I can only describe as an amazing piece of storytelling wizardy blended perfectly with the best ingredients Scotland has to offer.
And that was probably the longest sentence I’ve ever written in my entire life.
I stumbled across this video tonight. Enjoy

From D.S. & Durga website:

O’er Hieland peak, remote Caledonia
strathed in primeval forest, green mantle
where men-of-the-raven repelled the ignoble few
by the bootlegger bridge
fog, cave stills’ steam plumes, the cold water flows
pristine spirit of The Glenlivet
barley, pineapple weed, wild chamomile, Scots pine
ages in rare woods –
Limousin oak, charred bourbon barrel,
touches of sherry cask
Unmistaken purity
from the land of the smooth flowing one

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