Top Fragrance Tips

That’s not a typical Q&A page but I will try to give you some useful tips on how to get the most out of you favorite fragrance.

And my top tip today would be:
Less is more. Fragrance is always more potent than you think so go easy on the trigger.

  • Do not try more than 3 different fragrances at one time or you will confuse your sense of smell.
  • If you want your cologne last longer on your skin, layer it with different forms of the same scent. Pairing your cologne with its matching soap, shaving gel, shaver gel or body cream will reinforce and multiply the life of your favorite fragrance.
  • To keep your cologne fresh on your body throughout the day, you will need to reapply every now and then.Hot weather makes scents stronger, so it’s appropriate to use lighter scents in warm summer months and more vigorous ones for cold weather months.
  • Your diet can affect the way fragrances respond to your body natural chemistry. Eating fatty and spicy foods can sometimes increase the strength, projection and longevity of a fragrance.
  • You should not be wearing any cologne when in the direct sun. Fragrances react with ultraviolet light which may lead to skin irritating, skin allergies and discoloration.
  • When testing new fragrance you should always use its less concentrated form such as colognes or eaux de toilette, they dry and develop quickly.
  • To magnify and diffuse the aroma of your cologne, you should apply it where the skin is warm and with good blood circulation – anywhere you feel your heartbeat is ok.
  • The best “pulse points” are below the ear lobes, inside your wrists, inside your elbows, behind the knees and at the base of your throat.
  • When you spray on perfume or cologne, do it about 20cm away from your skin and don’t rub one wrist against the other to dry the fragrance, it ruins its development.
  • When you apply your cologne in the morning, don’t expect it to last all day on you. You will probably need to reapply it during the day every now and than.
  • Weather can affect the longevity and projection of your fragrance. My advice would be to use lighter fragrances in hot summer days and re-apply when needed (in warm weather the fragrance evaporates from your skin more rapidly). During the winter, all fragrance’s elements (top, middle and base notes) develop more gradually so you are able to smell them for longer and also wear more potent, heavier, stronger and sweeter scents.
  • Never, ever use cologne or an eau de toilette on your face. High alcohol content will burn your face and create “shaving shock”. For freshly shaved, sensitive skin use only balm or an aftershave that incorporate less alcohol content and some calming antiseptics.
  • An opened bottle of cologne will last from 6 to 18 months if stored correctly. Keeping your colognes in cool, dry place and out of direct sunlight and heat sources can add up to six months to its shelf life (I keep mine in a fridge).
  • Sometimes you may have the impression that the smell of your own cologne has disappeared from your body. It happens because you can’t move away from your own smell but others can still smell it so be really careful and think twice before re-applying.
  • If you are not sure if your fragrance strength is just right or overpowering – simply ask a friend. Since we can’t smell the fragrance we are wearing after a certain period of time, we have to rely on the opinions of those close to us.
  • One perfume can smell differently on different people. There are several factors that affect that; the most important are diet, skin chemistry, stress level and of course the temperature of our body. All those things will influence the development of cologne on our skin.
  • The oilier your skin, the more powerful a fragrance will be on you and the longer it will last. People with dry skin will need to apply fragrance more often throughout the day.
  • Smoking may affect the way a perfume wears on your skin and also it will make your sense of smell weaker.

More tips to come so stay tuned and bookmark this page.

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